Stellar Payment Manager

A self-hosted solution for easily making, scheduling, editing and responding to Stellar payments.

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Multiple Input Sources

Aggregate payment messages from a range of different input sources. 0rora operates as a payment hub, accepting payment instructions from as many or as few integrations as you require.

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  • File Drag & Drop
  • Queue
  • Database
  • Web Request


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Settle pending payments at exactly the right time by specifying future payment dates. Payments will remain warehoused until they're due.

Authorized users can manage payment schedules, by editing, rescheduling or deleting payments.

High Throughput

Parallel payment channels are achieved by coordinating multiple user accounts, ensuring that high throughput is maintained.

Payments that are due around the same time are batched to improve performance and reduce transaction fees.

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On-network errors are detected and repaired automatically where possible. Transactions that fail are retried after error detection and correction.

And more…

Future features…

  • Add and manage multiple accounts.
  • Specify which accounts are participants in payment channels.
  • Associate accounts with payment sources.
  • Name and merge accounts.
  • Payment receipt notifications and apply custom rules upon receipt of payments.
  • Keep on top of your payment flows with in-built reports.
  • Receive alerts of potential errors, such as an account having insufficient funds to cover future payments.


See the application in action.


Release Feature Scheduled
  • CSV File Drag & Drop input source
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Payment Channels
  • Payment Batching
Feb, 2019
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